La’zurie began her humble beginnings in April 2014, from online retail platforms such as Qoo10, Carousell, and Lazada. We have a team of passionate shoppers who are always out and about, looking for nice clothes which are practical, of good quality, and most important of all, always reasonably priced for all our loyal customers.

Just like every Singaporean girl who needs to juggle with our hectic lifestyles, we at La’zurie hopes to curate all the pretty clothes into a single place and make shopping a breeze for you. As long as you’re connected to the Internet on a PC/laptop, or has a mobile device with you, you’ll be shopping our awesome collections wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our goal is to deliver smiles right at your doorstep. This is the main reason we created La’zurie.

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Why we came up with La'zurie

Curious to find out why we came up with La'zurie? We are happy to share with you our principles behind our store, how we operate, while keeping our prices low for our customers.

We started off with a simple problem, which is we love shopping. Why is that a problem? Because there are underlying issues associated with shopping which makes it so frustrating for all of us.

Problem 1: Physical stores mark up prices, you are indirectly paying for them to maintain their stores to serve you

Let's do a sanity check on the costs in running a brick and mortar store, the obvious store renovation to make it appealing to customers, purchasing of furniture and equipment for the store, investment into a Point-Of-Sale (POS) and an inventory system, hiring of store staff daily from 11am to 10pm, staff training, bringing in stocks and keeping stock readily in store, etc., you get the idea. It is not cheap, and in order to maintain a physical store, the cost will have to be recovered from customers like yourself. Meaning you'll have to pay more for each piece of clothing as they are marked up by store owners to recuperate their capital startup and ongoing recurring costs.

Bigger stores means higher rents, additional overhead costs are passed on to customers by marking up prices.

Store owners will definitely have to pass on such overhead costs to shoppers, but they also cannot pass on too much as it will price them out of the market. So, it is a balance between keeping the overhead costs at a reasonable range where shoppers can accept paying. Meaning to say if most stores are selling an item at $10, pricing it at $20 wouldn't work in the long run.

Problem 2: Limited stock on designs and sizes

You can setup a store in a busy shopping centre to keep customers coming, but you'll have to keep it small since the monthly rental will not be cheap. When keeping it small, it means lesser place to keep your stock. Ever met with the situation where you've shopped an entire day and didn't manage to find anything of fancy? And even if you found something, to eventually be told that the size you want is not available? Worst if you're shopping for plus sizes, they are usually not stocked.

As a store owner, whether be it a small or large store, you will have to be selective in choosing which piece of clothing to sell, which sizes to stock up more on, etc. In the long run, stores will only have clothes that are labelled by store owners as "safe", as these "safe" stocks can be sold pretty quickly. You will end up with no new and unique styles of clothing, as they are not proven to be "safe" yet, and it feels like everyone is wearing the same thing on the streets!

There are also times when store owners made the wrong bet and brought in stocks that are not selling as good as anticipated, so they have to run sales to entice random shoppers to buy these unpopular stocks which are not moving.

This brings us to the second issue: limited clothing choices, limited stock, limited sizes, sale price on clothing which are mostly unpopular or odd sizes.

Our team over here at La'zurie understands this and feels that there is always a better way to doing this.

The La'zurie Solution

We took out the physical store, reducing prices of our clothes. We took out the space limitation by not holding any stocks, so that we can offer unique designs and have all sizes available to our customers. Including plus sizes as well!

We also had the option like many other online fashion stores to ask our suppliers to replace the clothing tags of each piece of clothing, using La'zurie's clothing tag, so that each piece of clothing looks like it is being manufactured by us. Although this looks good for our brand, but we went against it as is will be an unnecessary cost for our customers to bear for us.

With the above principles in mind, we found a partner who is well-versed in selling on the Internet, and created La'zurie. Our oversea agents across Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan), will continue to work hard to look out for the best fashion pieces for you.

Every piece of fashion gets run through our internal screening process before we decide to put it on sale on La'zurie. And once an order is placed, our respective oversea agents will be on the move to secure those fashion pieces for you, and ship them Singapore shores in the next available economical flight (in order to keep prices low).

So far the only downside to our solution is our long delivery time of 3-4 weeks. We are constantly looking out for ways to reduce this. But if the delivery time doesn't bother you, hope you enjoy shopping with us, as much as we enjoy curating the best in fashion for you.

We wish to bring smiles onto your face real soon.

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